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Low Temperature Freezers

Low Temperature Freezers

Categories: Cold Chain Products, Low Temp. Freezers

Low Temperature Freezers (-450C / -300C /-250C):

  • Quality Certification
  • Vertical & Horizontal Models Available
  • Microprocessor Controlled with Digital Temperature Control System & Digital Display
  • Extra protection is given against power fluctuation
  • Insulation with environmental friendly high density nanophase material which is flame retardant and no ozone depletion
  • High volume fan for forced air flow cooling circulation
  • Heated door to avoid condensation on precious samples
  • Glass Door models are available
  • Heated perimeter gasket to ensure and ice free & airtight closing
  • Self Diagnostic Errors through audio visual alarms with battery backup
  • Individual inner doors to allow access in each shelves
  • Shelves are height regulated
  • Lighting is available for better viewing of samples
  • Refrigerant: CFC / HCFC free and biodegradable
  • Low Noise Level
  • Wheels are provided for easy movement
  • Port Hole: Present
  • Prepared for CO2 / LN2 backup systems
  • Prepared for GSM Module
  • Prepared for Remote Alarm Control
  • Prepared for RS -232/RS-485 interface with USB readout
  • Capacity: Available in various capacities

Optional Accessories:


  • Data Logger
  • Chart Recorder
  • GSM Module
  • Remote Alarm Control
  • RS -232/RS-485 interface with USB readout
  • Sample Storage  Racking Systems
  • Printer


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  • Warranty: 5 years